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We provide the following treatments:  

Stroke rehabilitation Digestive disorders – indigestion, stomach bloating, gastric pain, constipation, stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting and etc.

Common illness for children – night terror, bed-wetting, fever, colds, coughs, malnutrition, anorexia and etc.

Muscles related pains - knee pain, waist sprain, shoulder rheumatic pain, stiff neck, sciatica, numbness of the fingers, joints and muscles pains, tendon and ligament injury and etc.

Woman diseases - e.g. irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, menopausal syndrome and etc.

Skin diseases– pimples, hives, urticaria, snake channeling sore, eczema and etc.​​

Internal diseases – headache, dizziness, insomnia, sore eyes, persistent coughs, physical conditioning and etc.

Stroke rehabilitation, 


主冶 :


中风后遗症 消化系统疾病 - 消化不良,肠胃脹风,胃痛,便秘腹泄,呕吐等。

小孩疾病 - 小兒夜啼,遗尿,伤风咳嗽,疳症厌食等。

伤科 -  膝痛,腰扭伤,肩背酸痛,颈项痛,坐骨神经痛,手臂手指麻木,全身肌肉疼痛等。

妇科 - 月经不调,痛经,经闭,帶下病, 更年期综合症。

皮肤病 - 青春痘,荨麻疹 (风疹),蛇窜疮 (生蛇 ),湿疹。

內科疾病 -头痛头晕,失眠,红眼症,水肿,咳喘


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